What we are the best in

  • 1st place for the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Region in the country in terms of quantity of existing wind installations (altogether in the Region is located 136 wind installations with a total  power 142,899 MW), according to the report of Energy Regulatory Office, published in July 2010,


  • 1 st place for Toruń and 9 th place for  Bydgoszcz in the “Ranking of the most attractive cities for business in 2010”, according to Forbes,


  • Honorary title of  “Good Polish self-government 2010” and 1 st place for Brodnica (among urban and urban-rural communes) and for Kobylnica (among rural communes) in the self-government Ranging of Communes and Districts 2009,


  • 7 th place for Bydgoszcz-Toruń sub-region among the sub-regions of high investment attractiveness with respect to industrial activity, 7 th place for investment attractiveness with respect to services and 8 th place in the case of attractiveness with respect to advanced technologies in a raport “Investment attractiveness of voivodships and sub-regions of Poland 2010” published in December 2010 by The Gdańsk Institute for Market Economics in cooperation with The Konrad Adenauer Foundation,


  • The title of “rising star” for Bydgoszcz and Toruń as a result of assessment the investment climate for services in BPO sector in 2008 made by Colliers International,


  • 25th rank in the list concerning attractiveness of the EU regions according to the analyses made by the CEBR in 2004.