Waimea Logistic Park Bydgoszcz is under construction

The construction works at Waimea Logistic Park Bydgoszcz offering a built-up area of approx. 90 000 sqm has been just launched. The logistics center will contain 6 halls designed for customers of production as well as logistics and storage sectors.
Waimea Logistic Park Bydgoszcz is under construction

In the first stage of the project, Waimea Logistic Park Bydgoszcz will rise a hall for SBUs (Small Business Units) with an area of ​​9 072 sqm which will offer warehouses and offices for micro and small entrepreneurs, start-ups, as well as for companies requiring lesser storage space for their business. The second hall, with an area of ​​16 200 sq m is dedicated to logistics operators, will include cross-dock solutions. The minimum warehouse spaces will start from approx. 650 sqm. modules while office and social areas from approx. 60 sqm. Modern Class A surfaces will ensure the storage of goods to a height of 10 meters net .

Docks in the warehouse will be equipped with self-leveling hydraulic ramps with protective sleeves.

Waimea Logistic Park Bydgoszcz will cover the area of total 19 hectares in the proximity of  trunk roads: S10, DK25 and S5

First tennants are exepected in early February 2017.

visuals: Waimea Holding S.A.

by M.Rylow COI WK-P


Source: Waimea Holding S.A.
Date added: 2016-06-23
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