Kitron of Norway to invest in Grudziądz

A good news for Grudziądz. A new production hall will be erected at Kurpiowska Street by Panattoni Europe for Norwegian entity Iturlia sp. z o.o. (company within the Kitron group)
Kitron of Norway to invest in Grudziądz

An object of 6 000 m2, will be raised at Kurpiowska Street, with option for development to up to 11 000 m2. within the next 5 years.

Kitron is a Norwegian producer of electronics for, among others, aviation, military, medical and automotive industries. Kitron plans to employ around 200 persons and complete the investment within the year 2019. The newly established entity will operate in the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, benefiting from usual reliefs offered for such establishments.


By M. Rylow COI WK-P



Source: / The Mayor's Office
Date added: 2018-12-27
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